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This section will contain news and other items of interest, regarding events at the Shattuck Windmill Museum.
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Kevin at the Crossroads

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The Ingle Bros. Broomcorn Bldg where we restore windmills.  It will be receiving a certificate for listing in the National Register of Historic Places on Thursday evening, June 10 from the Oklahoma Historical Society/United States Dept. of the Interior/National Park Service.  This building is 140 ft. long x 45 ft. wide and sits on 2.5 lots running from NW 1st street to the railroad tracks with a loading dock on each end.  It was built in 1909-1910 and is of brick and mortar construction.

April 2010

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Tour Group from Italy

Wednesday, April 7 turned out to be a very windy morning with temperatures hovering around 45 degrees. Of course this was the day for the Gage Rotary Club to bring their visitors from Italy to tour the Windmill Park.
Flavio, Marcello (from Rome), Dario, Maurisio and Orsola arrived with Kent Latta and Wayne McDannald. They were very gracious in telling us that they have wind in their country of Sardinia too. They were accompanied by Orsola who was their tour director.
We took them to the dugout so they could see how the early settlers of our country first lived, and then to the 1901 farmhouse. Because it was so windy and cold we spent very little time outside and congregated in the Mercantile where we found out a little more about our visitors. One was a banker, one a chemical engineer, two worked with computers.
It was a pure pleasure to have this group visit us away out here in Ellis County. Thank you to the Gage Rotary group for making it possible.

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The World of Mom:
My mom taught me
Digging wells is the only business
where you can begin at the top.

January 2010

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