NEWS 2005

This section will contain news and other items of interest, regarding events at the Shattuck Windmill Museum.
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December 2005

    Reconstruction of the original 1901 George Schultz General Merchandise store in Shattuck will open in the spring of 2006 on the northeast corner of Windmill Park.

November 2005

    While walking the treadmill the other morning this squirrel caught my attention as it ran thru the park and climbed this windmill tower.  When I saw him reach the top I couldn't resist trying to get it's picture.  Unfortunately it was early and very cloudy so the picture didn't turn out very well....You have to admit that he had the perfect place to keep an eye on things...(Gordon & Betty Elmore)

October 2005

Work Week Progress!

When at Windmill Park tune your radio to FM 90.3 and listen to Windmill Willie tell the story of windmills and how they changed the West.

April / May 2005

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This store will be named Geo. Schultz & Sons Mercantile in honor of the family who donated funds for this project and they were also very early merchants in Shattuck.

Look HERE for a drawing of the building.