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December 2003

"Legend has it, that every year about this season, a lone Churman under cover of darkness steals about, magically lighting windmills throughout the High Plains, delighting children and confounding old folks, spreading the light of Christmas cheer."

October 2003

This year's "whole gang" - Except Dave.

September 2003

Terry Jantzen and Aubrey Ridenour go 1st class while Eddie rides in cargo - but that's OK with him.

August 2003

This horned toad was created by junk artist Jim Powers and donated to the Windmill Museum by Joe Vallaster.  Horned toads are necessary to keep down the red ants which always are present around windmills!

July 2003

16th Annual International Windmillers Trade Fair will be in Shattuck, Oklahoma
Tuesday - Thursday, June 8-10, 2004
Information re lodging and RV sites will be posted in January 2004. (we do now have 25 RV sites on location)
Everybody come help us celebrate our 10th Birthday as a Museum & Park!

June 2003

"The Windmiller's Dog."   This rig belongs to our very own windmiller Homer Thomas. 

             Of  course Homer belongs to Rex his dog.  Do most windmillers have a dog?  Let us know by clicking on the spinning windmill and send us your answer and/or dog's name by email.

May 2003

Originally we cut native buffalo grass behind a pair of mules for our dugout (thinking we "needed to do it like the pioneers".)  However this time Clinton Davis' blue Ford tractor sounded pretty good.  But what do you think of our shaggy native mix rendition?  That's a outhouse outback for Bill Cherry's convenience as he's made reservations for the soddy for the June 2004 Trade Fair.

April 2003

A group of kindergarten kids from Fargo, Oklahoma on a Field Trip.  When they visit the dugout they say things like "I can't believe a whole family lived in here.  Why, my room is bigger than this!"  Then we give them a whirligig and they love running among the windmills.

March 2003

This Ellis County waterwheel was donated by the Eggleston family.  It was used by them on their ranch down on the Canadian River to generate power especially for their radio.

February 2003

A look at our 702 Aermotor over the roof of the house.
We're cutting wood instead of windmilling this month

January 2003

"Windmills in Snow "
photo by Kenny Platt