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December 2002

Seasons Greetings to Windmillers Everywhere. 

Our gift to you is a challenge to identify as many of the mills in this photo as you can.
(Photo: Betty Elmore)
Your gift to us would be to come visit us out here in Oklahoma.

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November 2002

.Repairing the Railroad Eclipse
(Photo: John Wiley)

October 2002

Sure enough! That's all the windmillers who came to Shattuck to help in October.

September 2002

I wish all those folks would turn around!!!

August 2002

Volunteers unload 6 ft. Eli mill at Windmill Park.  This mill was donated by Yankee and Coke Trendle. 

July 2002

For those of you out there having a very dry year, think back to the 1930s in Oklahoma and then you might try identifying the windmill in this photo.

June 2002

Four members of the Board of Trustees attended the Spearman, Texas Trade Fair in June.  A large crowd of windmillers watched as this steam engine raised a replica of the Eclipse mill of J.B. Buchanan's which is in the Smithsonian.

May 2002

Sue Ann Schoenhals' Shattuck High School science students volunteered to plant heritage flowers around the farmhouse at Shattuck Windmill Park. In the background are 3 Baker mills, Currie open gear, Imperial and Railroad Eclipse.

April 2002

Many people in our community donated to purchase this beautiful Duplex Vaneless.  We filled it's counterbalance weight with gravel from the street.  A visitor to the Park asked if we had any mill he could donate for his family.  Having just raised the Andrew we suggested it.  He took a roll of bills from his pocket and purchased it.  One of his pioneering relatives was named Andrew!

March 2002

Okay, okay, somebody guessed the Appleton-Goodhue right away.  So here's another photo of it...but does anyone have an idea what is unique about the wagon pictured with it?  (I know, this isn't a windmill question...but there's a windmill in the photo.)  

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February 2002

This Althouse-Wheeler Giant once pumped water in our neighboring town of Gage, Oklahoma.  It was manufactured from about the 1890's to 1930's.  It stands beside a Pipe Raymond manufactured in Wisconsin by the same company from 1912-1920's. Without any more information, can anyone tell what the mill to the left of the Pipe Raymond is?


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January 2002

"Windmills in Snow".  
Who can identify the mill between the Homestead House and the drilling rig?


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